Container and harbour operations and intermodal freight are extremely sensitive to unscheduled downtime. An equipment fire in a material handling machine can be devastating since there are large quantities of diesel and hydraulic oil in the immediate area.

Due to large quantities of fuel and hydraulic oil in the engine compartment there is a high risk of violent engine fires. A leaking fuel line or ruptured hydraulic hose can lead to devastating financial and operational consequences.

Increased demands on reduced emission levels such as Tier 4F and EPA 2013 have led to higher fuel pressures and increased temperatures in the engine compartment.

Reach stackers, Container handlers, Forklift trucks, Cranes, Terminal tractors and Loaders often operate in shifts and are difficult to replace during a possible standstill.

The Fogmaker water mist protects engine and hydraulic compartments. Fogmaker is fully automatic with manual activation as standard. The control panel makes it possible to shut down the engine, main power switch and fuel solenoid.

The versatility of the system is complemented by high efficiency and reliability. The Fogmaker system is approved by leading Global notifying bodies.